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Lily is featured on one of the covers of The Hollywood Reporter featuring the top 25 stylists. I have added a scan of the cover along with a few outtakes to the gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2017 > The Hollywood Reporter (March 15)
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 16 | The Hollywood Reporter

Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn
Clients: Lily Collins, Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani
Why they matter: Hollywood’s hottest styling duo delivers the drama, as evidenced by 27-year-old Rules Don’t Apply Globe nominee Collins’ fresh, retro awards-season run, including a screen-siren-worthy marigold Amanda Wakeley. Lopez enjoyed an endless supply of showstoppers — more than 1.2 million @jlo Instagram followers double-tapped on an image of the 47-year-old star’s sweeping, candy pink Ralph & Russo Grammys gown.

Top looks: On Oscar night, Biel, 35, dazzled in metallic KaufmanFranco with a 200-baguette diamond Tiffany & Co. necklace worth about $2 million, cementing her status as awards season’s sexiest plus-one. “It was very different — deconstructed gold sequins and rhinestones with pops of skin showing in a giant tribal-inspired necklace,” says Zangardi. “It was a hit!”

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Lily is featured on the cover of several magazines of Modern Luxury. The photoshoot is absolutely gorgeous. I have added scans from one of the magazine’s Angeleno to the gallery. The article is the same featured across all the magazines, so I have only uploaded the other covers! I have also added outtakes from the photoshoot, thank you to my friend Nicole for help with some of the photos!

Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – Angeleno (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – CS (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – DC (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – Houston (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – Manhattan (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – Miami (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – Orange County (March)
Magazine Scans > 2017 > Modern Luxury – San Diego (March)
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 14 | Modern Luxury
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Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 13 | Glamour

Why she didn’t always love her brows
My mom always said the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful. But when you’re younger, they’re normally the things that make you insecure. For me, it was my eyebrows. They were overly thick and luscious. So I went to town and plucked them. When you get older, [you realize] the things that define your differences are beautiful.

What she learned from writing her book, Unfiltered
[My book] is all about my experiences growing up and what it is to become a young woman in today’s day and age. I talk about a lot of the taboo things young girls don’t like to discuss. But the second we do, we realize we’re not alone. That includes self-confidence issues, body image issues, and accepting things that are different about yourself. It doesn’t matter what feature you’re talking about, whether it’s a physical feature or an insecurity about your personality. It’s what defines you as who you are. So it’s all about embracing that inner you, almost as a superhero and saying, “We all have flaws.” But sometimes those flaws can be turned into our greatest strengths.

The treatment she can’t live without
I love getting oxygen facials because I travel a lot. My skin gets pretty dry with all the airplanes. Also, I love Lancôme’s Genifique Serum, which comes in a mask now. They’re gooey and strange. But the next morning, you see the radiance in your skin.

Lily Collins, 28, is an actress and the author of the memoir Unfiltered.

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Lily is featured in the March issue of InStyle. I have added digital scans along with outtakes from the photoshoot to the gallery. This is definitely one of my favorite photoshoots!

Magazine Scans > 2017 > InStyle (March)
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 10 | InStyle

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Yesterday, Lily attended several events at Sundance Film Festival for her upcoming film To The Bone. I have updated the gallery with various events she attended such as the IMDb Studio, Variety Studio, and more. I’ve also added portraits she took to the gallery! Enjoy!

Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival
Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival – IMDb Studio
Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival – AT&T At The Lift
Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival – The Hollywood Reporter Studio
Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival – Variety Studio
Public Appearances > 2017 > Jan 21 | Sundance Film Festival – Deadline Hollywood Studio
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 02 | Sundance Film Festival
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 03 | Sundance Film Festival
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session 04 | Sundance Film Festival
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I have added additional outtakes of Lily from her photoshoot for the Los Angeles Times. Huge thanks to my friend Lora over at Jessica De Gouw Web for the photos!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Session 16 | Los Angeles Times
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LA TIMES – “Warren Beatty wants you to call him at home.”

This was the message Lily Collins received out of the blue three years ago, just hours before she was about to embark on a European press tour. She had never met the Hollywood legend before, but she called him anyway. He told her he was directing a new movie and felt like he’d met on it with every other actress in town, save for her.

So in the midst of packing, Collins invited Beatty over. He told her his next film was set in the 1950s and involved Howard Hughes, but didn’t reveal anything else about the project. Mostly, he just wanted to get a sense of Collins’ personality. Then he left, and she flew off to promote “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

It was supposed to be a pivotal moment in Collins’ career. She was starring in a young adult adaptation that was meant to turn into the next “Hunger Games” franchise. But when the action flick didn’t perform at the box office, its sequel was scrapped. Discouraged, Collins returned to Los Angeles.

I came home, and all of a sudden I became available,” Collins recalled, sitting in the expansive Beverly Hills home where she was raised. “So Warren started inviting me to a bunch of lunches and dinners with him and Annette [Bening, his wife, who plays Collins’ mother in the film]. I didn’t want to ask too many questions or give him any reason to back off. And I thought, ‘At the end of the day, if none of this goes anywhere, I have the coolest stories to tell and I’ve learned so much from him already.’”

By the sixth meeting or so, Beatty finally told Collins about his movie, “Rules Don’t Apply,” which opens Wednesday. The film follows aspiring starlet Marla Mabrey, who moves from Virginia to L.A. after being hired as a contract actress for Hughes [played by Beatty]. Once she lands in Hollywood, she struggles to maintain her moral compass — especially as she becomes entangled in romances with her driver [Alden Ehrenreich] and even Hughes himself.

After Beatty at last told Collins the film’s plot, he invited her over to his house to read the screenplay he’d written.

He put me into a library with the script and pencils and Post-Its and water,” the 27-year-old recalled, “and he would come in and check on me. ‘How are you liking it? What do you think? Do you like it?’”

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A few weeks ago, Lily and Alden Ehrenreich posted for a portrait session while promoting their upcoming film (which releases tomorrow), Rules Don’t Apply! Check out adorable portraits from the session in the gallery!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Session 15 | ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Portraits
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After Lily’s visit at The Today Show, she stopped by the AOL Build studios to talk about Rules Don’t Apply. I have added a portrait along with HQ photos from her appearance to the gallery. Be sure to check out the photos and watch the interview below!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Session 15 | AOL Build
ublic Appearances > 2016 > Nov 15 | The Build Series Presents Lily Collins

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VARIETY – Born in England and raised in Southern California, Lily Collins, daughter of singer/songwriter Phil Collins, started acting at a young age, with credits that include “The Blind Side” and “Mirror Mirror.” She stars with Alden Ehrenreich in Warren Beatty’s “Rules Don’t Apply,” with Beatty as Howard Hughes. The film bows at the AFI Festival before its big-screen launch Nov. 23.

What was it like being on set with Warren Beatty?
He wore so many hats, as director, producer, writer, actor. He’s so lovely and so mentorish to me. You always hope someone will take you under their wing and teach you — when it’s Warren Beatty, it’s like, “Oh my god, how is this real?”

What was the best advice he gave you?
Allow yourself to surprise yourself. And, the instant you give it up to the moment and are present, something happens. But it only happens when you trust the people around you. I trusted him, Alden, and the rest of the cast and crew.

Describe your character.
Marla is an extremely optimistic, passionate young woman who comes to Hollywood thinking she knows it all. She thinks she has a certain set of rules to be successful. Through her trials and tribulations here, she realizes it isn’t all what it seems.

Can you relate to her?
Completely. I think she’s very open in her turmoil in the beginning — she’s very vocal about it. Maybe some of the other characters I’ve played have been more closed off, and not been as honest about how they feel, emotionally.”

What was the most interesting thing you learned about Howard Hughes?
I knew basics. I knew who he was, and I knew his influence in film and some in aviation. But I didn’t know he was so forward-thinking — or how political he was, or how vast his influence was. He’s an enigma, but at the same time he was so present in many facets of different industries.

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